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Demon Eye

This is my original story and original art. I've been working on this comic since I was 13 year old!

Cirsto is forced to return home from a war she created. Once home she gets to see her old friends and family, and
is reminded of who she has truly failed. They all hope they can get back to where they were, but Cirsto knows she can’t

be what she was. Haunted by her past actions she knows she could never be the friend they once loved.
Now Cirsto must re-adapt to the old ways of life while being plagued by what she has become.

Comic book

Colorful Books

Digital Comic book

  • Demon Eye Vol.1

    Cirsto is returning to Atamigmis and is greeted by a young boy named Alek. He takes her to the Grand
    • All of Demon Eye Vol. 1
  • Demon Eye Vol.2

    Nelittis is left to clean up the mess Cirsto had left in Negladda’s office and in the rest of the ca
    • All of Demon Eye Vol. 2
  • Demon Eye Vol.3

    Cirsto and Garien are finally heading off to the Moon Festival, for the first time in years. But the
    • All of Demon Eye vol. 3


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Art Prints

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