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   Trying to write about my self is much harder then I thought it would be. So here it goes. I’ve been into art my whole life, but soon it became my life. When I was young I would watch my brother draw all the time. He was amazing at drawing robots and people and even most mechanical based objects. I was shocked at how good he was and I wanted to be just like him. Day after day I would draw but it was never as good as his. My humans looked like blobs with mittens and my robots looked like they went though the car crusher. It upset me that I couldn’t draw like him. One day though I was sitting at the dinning room table drawing away when my brother came over. He looked over my shoulder and saw me drawing a wolf pack that was hunting down a deer. His eyes were wide and he told me, “wow that’s pretty good. I wish I could draw animals like that”. Hearing those words surprised me. I didn’t know how to react to him complementing my work, so all I could do was smile at him. I was happy that I finally made my brother notice my work but that made me want to work harder. I wanted to show my brother that I could be a great artist like him and make him proud. To this day I still love showing my brother my work and seeing him light up. My brother to me is one of my great motivators in my pursuit of art. I have a few others but those are very different stories and I’ll save those stories for later.


     When it comes to my work I have found a great balance between scary and happy. Being able to create both styles of work has open many more doors for me. I create happy cheery children’s book to creepy horror comics and everything in between.


    Enough about me I bet your all wondering where the name EmoWeasel came form. Well it all started back in middle school. It was a lukewarm spring day down in San Diego. The sun was just setting and my friend and I were stuck in a classroom judging kids who wanted to be part of the bobcat talent show. It was almost the end of the additions and I decided to doodle up a little character. Once I was done I showed it to my friend and she started to giggle under her breath and said, “ It looks like a emoweasel”. I laughed then a light bulb popped on in my head. This character wasn’t just an ordinary doodle but something special, but I didn’t know where the emoweasel would take me. Later on my friend and I decided to draw the emoweasel character all over our notebooks and our homework and people started to notice. Some of the popular kids started to poke fun at it, but my friend and I stood up for it. We said, “This weasel isn’t just a doodle to us but something more”. Soon this led to us finding out the true meaning of the EmoWeasel character. He represented the kids who just wanted to be them selves and not let others put them down. This meaning has led me create the EmoWeasel you see today. 

Christie Crapeticio 

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