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Light with Cobwebs

Witchy Weenies

A collection of magical weenies!

The Witchy Weenie Grimoire is full of fun witch themed facts that will tantalize you and encourage you to dive into the wold of witchcraft. 

The inspertion behind the Grimore

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Bare Trees in Fog

The insperation behind the book!

This was a really fun to make! I wanted to fianlly create a book with my Mr. Pinki character that wasn't just puns. I couldn't figure out what to do at first, but then I saw a random fact about witches and weenies then BAM! There was my insperation! With the insperation I created a witchy themed Weenie book. Each Illustration comes with its own facts based off the thing they are doing. 

Meet the weenie!

Spooky Forest

You can oder your copy soon! 

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