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Mr. Pinki

The story behind the creation of Mr. Pinki is quite funny. I just graduated college and I had no idea what to do with myself. I knew I wanted to get into showing at shows, but I didn't know what I should make to draw the people in. I had some seriouse art block while I tried to find what to create. Then it hit me! I looked over to the pther side of the room and I saw my giant penis plush toy and I knoew what I wnted to draw! I grabbed my dick toy, cuddled up with him, and drew Mr. Pinki!

Now I get to say my dick makes me money and my family is so proud of me!

He has four pun filled books out now, and one very witchy book out now. I'm working in a new spooky dick book, and I hope to have it out this year, 2023!

Banana Pattern
 3D Pink Flower
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